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GoDaddy or Namecheap – Which is Best Domain Name Registrar Comparison Secrets Revealed

godaddy vs namecheap for domains
Written by Digvijay Singh

Are you going to buy Domain nameIf yes, then you must have come across the question Whether to choose GoDaddy or Namecheap. Both are popular domain registrars, but they have their pros and cons. So let’s have a close look on both domain registrars.

Godaddy or Namecheap

Price and Offers

godaddy or namecheap offers

Well, GoDaddy offers a .com domain name for $0.99 for the first year and $14.99 for other years.

Namecheap offers a free WhoIs protection with every domain name and .com domain price for the first year is approx $10 with promo code and $14.14 for next years.

Conclusion: GoDaddy offers coupons that look lucrative and is better if you don’t want a domain for long. Namecheap is straightforward, and they don’t have any hidden prices. So if you don’t want to be surprised by suddenly increased domain renewal price or any hidden cost go to Namecheap.


Support is one of the most important things which we have to look before buying anything on the web because we cannot solve all problems. Sometimes we need customer support for the problem, and then this is the thing which comes into play. If the support is slow, then we will face its consequences.

Godaddy offers email, phone and live chat support for any query and problems. But the live chat support is not available all the time, so you have to use their email or phone support. Godaddy support is slow, and if you contacted them by email, then it may take a day or more to reply them, and we don’t have so much time in our busy world.

On the other side, Namecheap offers email and live chat support all the time. They respond to support very fast and solve the problem as soon as possible. They lack phone support, but they offer live chat support 24/7. Their email support is so fast that they respond to our email within 10 minutes.

Conclusion: Godaddy offers all the main type of support but their response time is prolonged, and sometimes you have to wait 2-3 days for their email support. Namecheap support lacks phone support but they reply very fast to emails, and live chat support is available all the time.


Now comes the thing which anyone needs the most when buying a domain because if there is no security, then our online home will not be safe.

Godaddy or Namecheap both are good regarding security and provide two-factor authentication for login which gives strong security for users.

Conclusion: Both are secure.


Both domain providers have well organized and good looking interface where you can find any domain name with ease. The interface is the thing which attracts the customers, so they keep it well. You can search for domain quickly on both domain registrars. But there are few things which make them different from one another.

Godaddy checkout process is confusing, and they add things automatically in your cart which you have to remove if you don’t want. Their checkout is not newbie friendly. They have good looking Dashboard, but it is not newbie friendly.

I have some worst experience with this, I added my first domain name to cart at and after pressing checkout button, They sent me to (domain changed) and from mobile site to desktop site. It was so confusing that I bought my domain name three days later.

On the other hand, Namecheap provides a smooth interface, and their checkout process is newbie friendly. They do not have anything in your cart without your permission. Till now I have not faced any major problem with them. Their Dashboard has a friendly interface and doesn’t confuse users.

Conclusion: Godaddy has a complicated checkout process and Dashboard while Namecheap provides a smooth interface for checkout and easy to use Dashboard.


Upsells means to persuade a customer to buy an extra product from them. These marketing tactics are annoying and also lead to confusion.

Godaddy is famous for upsells. When you visit them for the domain name they offer you hosting, emails, domain privacy, SSL certificate …… and so many things. They are annoying, and sometimes newbies get confused for what they need. I will not go in depth about Upsells, but they make you think that you need everything.

GoDaddy upsells

Namecheap is more professional, and do not annoy customers by the upsells. They are again straightforward and do not create confusion.

Conclusion: Godaddy will convince to buy everything, so don’t visit them if you do not like upsells. Namecheap does not annoy customers by upsells.

Payment options:

This is an important thing which we have to know if the payment options which are available on the service provider is allowed in our country or not.

If we talk about Godaddy, then they have global reach, and they accept Visa, Master Card, Paypal, Skrill and much more. They accept payments from local wallets also (wallets which work only in a particular country). This is useful for them who don’t have Visa and Master card. This is one of the main reasons why Godaddy is so much popular today.

Now comes the Namecheap, they accept payments from Visa, Master Card, Paypal, Dwolla (only available to US residents) and Bitcoins.

Conclusion: Godaddy and Namecheap accept payments from modern means but Godaddy has a more local reach, and they accepts payments from local wallets also.

Which Is Best? Godaddy Or Namecheap

Now you can decide weather to choose Godaddy Or Namecheap. If you have planned for Godaddy then think again because if you want to build a professional blog without paying any hidden fees and getting confused by upsells, then you must go for Namecheap.

I will recommend you to go for Namecheap because they are not going to charge any hidden fees from you and they will not annoy you with upsells and promotional offers.

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