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GoDaddy Hosting Review For WordPress Blogs

GoDaddy Hosting Review
Written by Digvijay Singh

So you are going to host your site with Godaddy Hosting. Be warned, you need to read this full post before making any decision. If you don’t know, WpBlogradar was hosted on Godaddy when it was first launched so I have real experience with their Hosting. The main objective of this Godaddy Hosting review is to make you aware of their advantages and disadvantages so you will not suffer later.

Godaddy is the leading domain registrar which has also been popular in the field of webhosting for few years. Despite its popularity, it has used promotional offers and unusual upsells to attract customers to buy their products even if they don’t need them. There are many things which anyone realizes after buying their hosting service, so in this Godaddy hosting review we are going to discuss the same to avoid the same situation with you.


Pricing in GoDaddy is a big game. They attract you with lucrative offers so you buy their products, but here the condition begins.

The price at which you get the product is only for the promotional purpose and when you are going to renew that product you will have to pay more than that of the original price.

Godaddy hosting has Four plans :

Starter -> $ 2.49/mo

Economy -> $ 7.99/mo , $ 2.99/mo (Offer Price)

Delux -> $ 10.99/mo, $ 4.99/mo (Offer Price)

Ultimate -> $ 16.99/mo, $ 7.99/mo (Offer Price)

GoDaddy Hosting plans

Godaddy is not transparent in their pricing. They will always show you the promotional price to attract you, the same thing happens with their hosting.

Godaddy hosting price is cheap, but only with their offers. At the time of renewal, Godaddy hosting price is same as other leading Hosting providers such as Hostgator.

Hosting is Not Primary Business at Godaddy.

Surely you know that Godaddy is known for domain names and, Hosting is not their primary business. That’s the reason why you should not choose them if you are going to host an important project.

Because the hosting providers whose primary business is hosting are much more focused on the performance of their servers.

2.Slow Server Response Time

This is one of the worst things I have observed on GoDaddy hosting.

Server response time is the time that your browser gets the response from the server.

Whenever I checked speed performance of WpBlogRadar on Pingdom and google speed insights, I got a common warning of slow server response time.

This can have a major impact on your Websites ranking because loading speed is one of the most important factors for ranking high on google.

Because of slow server response time, your site will load slowly and most of the visitors will never come back.

You should always try to keep your sites loading time below 3 seconds.

In case of Godaddy shared hosting, it is not easy to keep load time under 3 seconds without reducing contents such as images and videos.

I always searched and tried new ways to improve the loading time of my site. But in minimal condition also it was greater than 3 seconds.

GoDaddy hosting speed

Google advises reducing your server response time under 200ms. But at Godaddy shared hosting it is average 800ms, sometimes up to 1.5 seconds.

3.Limited Resources

Unlimited Unlimited and Unlimited.

This is all we want to see while going for a webhost but the reality is a bit different, Nothing is unlimited.

We get for what we pay for. In fact, the reality is that it is not possible for them to offer your unlimited resources because nobody knows how much you will need.

If you are going to buy shared hosting then think that there are others also on that server and they also need server resources.

So next time when you see unlimited, look for those fine lines in terms and conditions to know the truth behind them.

In case of Godaddy hosting the space is limited which we all know, but what about Bandwidth, CPU and memory usage?

Godaddy offers unlimited bandwidth bit with the limit of 1mbps only, in Economy hosting plan.

GoDaddy Hosting limitations on economy plan

Suppose a situation that 10 users are visiting your blog, then they will get a bandwidth of ~100kbps or even less.

It means if the size of a page they are visiting is 1mb it will take greater then 10 seconds to load that page (yes I am serious), which will further lead to loose readers trust and SERP.

They have Cpu and Ram usage limit within which your site has to work otherwise your site will be unavailable for users.

4.Good Uptime

WpBlogRadar was hosted for a year on GoDaddy hosting but I didn’t notice any major downtime. This is one of the biggest advantages of GoDaddy.

They claim 99.9% Uptime which is true at average.

This may be considered as an advantage because server uptime is the time when your website will be available.

If your site is down it will not be accessed by anyone, even google crawlers.

And if Google crawlers can’t access your site then you may face negative effect in SERP.

5.Customer Support

Godaddy has top notch customer support which cant be compared to anything else but only for domain related issues.

Yes, they have fast support for hosting also but they cant help you in complex situations.

Once I called them to ask for support on high server response time, you will be surprised to know that I have explained to him what server response time is. I asked them for the high load time of my site, they recommended me to upgrade hosting plan because the reason was my content ( just a page with text and 3 images ~40 kb each).

So if you are going to GoDaddy hosting, then be ready to solve any problem which occurs on your site.


Godaddy Hosting uses Cpanel which makes things very easy. Cpanel is best Control panel by which anyone can manage a site without technical skills.

Major hosting providers also provide Cpanel for easy management of the site.

Godaddy uses custom Cpanel. So it may a bit hard for you to navigate and find things on Godaddy Hosting.

I didn’t face any problem due to their interface because they were my first webhost and I started from their Cpanel interface.


If you are going to start blogging and you don’t have much visitors then you may choose Godaddy hosting.

But remember if you are serious about blogging and want a good reputation and SERP then don’t choose Godaddy. Because you will suffer from slow site speed and many other problems later.

If you want to host any important project or blog then I will recommend you to go to Hostgator or Bluehost. I have never heard anything bad about them.

There are many other hosting providers like Godaddy which attract you from their promotional offers and claims to be best, but the reality is something else.

Don’t go for any cheap webhost just for saving few bucks because they will cost more than that. Your hard work will be wasted just because of them.

If you are saving money on web hosting then you are compromising security and speed of your site.

We are going to review other hosting providers also, so you can choose which one is best for you. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned for Updates.

Let us know your experience and views on Godaddy hosting by the comment.

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