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How to get Fast AdSense Approval

How to get fast AdSense Approval
Written by Digvijay Singh

Are you struggling to get AdSense approval?

Do want to get it fast?

If your answer to both the question is “yes” then you are at right place. Here I will share my personal experience of getting AdSense approval. Honestly speaking I got approval for my first blog in three attempts.

It is not a wise decision to continuously apply your blog for AdSense approval because they may consider it a spam and ban it permanently. After your blog is rejected there is nothing to worry because some of the top blogs today also faced such situation in their time.

Remember one thing that AdSense is not the only way to monetize your blog, there are many others Ad networks also.

You will be glad to know that you may increase your chances of getting AdSense approval by these simple steps. I have collected them from my personal experience of approving three blogs for AdSense.

Tricks to get Fast Adsense Approval:

There are many tricks using which you can get approved for Adsense within few days. But they may or may not work for everyone. Using the tricks listed below, you can not only get approved for AdSense but also get higher ranking in search engines.

Write Long contents

This is the most important thing which I used to get fast Adsense approval. Choose some popular topics for your blog niche and write 1000-1500 words (or more if possible) on it. It will help you in two ways, your AdSense approval chances will be increased and your traffic may increase because the topic is popular.

Maintain quality

write quality post

Writing long contents but with poor quality is not going to help you getting approval. You must maintain quality along with quantity to increase your chances of getting AdSense approval.

Quality content is the most important thing in building reader trust. Always remember that there is high competition for ranking in search engines, and you will rank only when you have a quality content.

Sufficient Posts

sufficient number of posts

There is not any fixed number of posts that you will need for AdSense approval. You should write at least 15-20 posts before applying to AdSense and chances will be more of getting approval in the first attempt.

There are many blogs which get Adsense approval by having only 10-15 long posts. I will recommend you to apply when you have 15-20 long posts and you may get Adsense approval without any problem.

Site structure and design

Site Structure

Make your blog look professional and AdSense will like it. Site structure is important, so make it easier for users to navigate your site. If your site design is nice and professional, your AdSense approval chances will be high.

Note the point that site structure and design is an important factor which decides your AdSense approval. It is very hard to get approval for a site that looks crappy with no proper navigation and design.

Don’t Use AdSense prohibited contents

If you need AdSense approval then you must have to follow their guidelines. Certain types of contents are banned by AdSense and they do not approve such websites.

You can read their list of Prohibited Content here.

Avoid copyright Images

Many new bloggers are unaware of copyright images and they use Google to search for images for their posts. This is one of the biggest mistakes which can cause problems in future. Images on Google may be under copyright and they are the property of their owners. Using copyright images on your blog will violate AdSense content policy and they will reject your Website.

Don’t Apply with Beta or Under Construction Website

You must make your blog or website ready before applying to AdSense. They are not going to approve your website if it is under construction or in beta stage.

Important Pages

Google needs a complete website to approve for AdSense. There are some important pages which you must add in order to get approval.

  • Privacy Policy
  • About us
  • Contact Us

Adding these will make your blog look professional and AdSense like these websites.


Getting AdSense approval is not a big issue if you follow the above things. You can easily get AdSense approval if you write quality content regularly. AdSense approves sites which have good design and site structure, so it’s important to maintain them.

Don’t be quick in applying again to AdSense if they don’t approve you. Try to find out the reason and work on it. Improve your website and write more contents, then apply again and you may be lucky.

Let us know your problems and views on this topic via comments.

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