About Us

Hi there, I am Digvijay Singh, full-time blogger and part-time student.

I am blogging since 2012 and I also started blogging from Blogspot as others. After facing limitations of Blogspot, I decided to move on to a self-hosted WordPress site.

At that time I was unable to buy domain name because of issues with the debit card. So I began with the free domain “.tk” and hosted it on Hostinger free Hosting Plan. After 3-4 months blogging on technology niche, I managed to rank a page at first page on Google.

But here the story begins. Within few days that page went from top page to 7th page in search for the same word. That was the time when I felt that there is more I have to know.

From then I started exploring WordPress and SEO.

Until March 2017 I have worked on about 5 blogs of which 3 were on technology niche. But I realized that I always wanted to learn and explore new things on blogging, That’s why idea stuck my mind to start a blog on blogging niche to share what I have learned till now.

In May 2017 I planned to start a website which can help users on blogging related topics, that was born of Wpblogradar.

After 2 months of planning, I started WpblogRadar in July 2017 with an aim to deliver quality content to readers and help them with WordPress, SEO, Content Marketing, Adsense and Web Hosting.