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8 best Free online Image Compression tools For Image Optimisation

8 Free tools to compress images online
Written by Digvijay Singh

Images are the most important part of a post. But if you are going to use more images then it may slow down your website. There are online and offline image compression tools to reduce image size. Here in this post, I will tell you 8 best online image compression tools to compress and optimise Png and Jpeg images.

Images and videos are the best ways to maintain readers interest, so it is necessary to use them in your posts. But it is also important to reduce the size of your images before uploading it to your website.

You should always keep your images compressed to prevent high loading time. Decreasing website loading time will help you to rank higher in search engines.

WordPress has an additional option to compress images by the plugins. But if you are not using WordPress then you will need these tools to compress images online.

Image Compression tools to Compress Images online

Compressing Images with these tools will not reduce the visual quality of your images. The size of the images will be reduced more or less depending on the tool and image.

1. Optimizilla

This is one of the most popular online image compressors.

Optimizilla can compress png and Jpeg images by best optimizing techniques. It can compress up to 20 images at a time. The most important thing which I like about Optimizilla is its setting to increase or decrease colors.

Click on the setting tab on the compressed image and you can choose the number of colors on your Image. Reduce the number of colors and the image size will be reduced more.

Optimizilla gives you the option to compare the compressed image with the original one. This will be helpful to check whether the compressed image is up to the quality or not.

Optimizilla online image compression tool

2. Tiny JPEG or Tiny PNG

Don’t be confused by their different names, both the website compresses jpeg and png images. Their interface and compression level are same.

Both image compression tools allow 20 images to be compressed at a time. They also have the option to save your compressed images to Dropbox.

You will not see any quality drop while compressing images with them.

They have a WordPress plugin which is very useful if you don’t want to compress images manually. It gives you the option to compress images on upload and bulk image optimization in the media library.

Tinypng Tinyjpeg online image compression tools


It is one of the most advanced image compressors online. It allows you to compress Png, Jpeg, Gif, SVG files.

They have astonishing UI and allows to compress multiple images at a time. You can save the compressed image to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Compressor can drastically reduce the size of your images and Gifs with maintaining the quality.

You can compare the quality of the compressed image with the original one in their 20-20 compare box.

Compressor reduce image size online

4. CompressNow

CompressNow allows you to compress Png, Jpeg and Gif file format. You can upload multiple images at once and compress them.

They have an option of adjusting compression level. You can increase or decrease the compression level depending on choice.

Be careful while increasing the compression level, the image quality may reduce.

5. ImageRecycle

Image recycle was proved to be the best image compression tool in our test to reduce size on images. This is the one which I use to compress images.

It allows compression of PNG, JPEG, GIF and also PDF file format.

However, they compressed our test image of 549kb to 133kb, which is approx 76% compression.

If you have a lot of images to compress then you may go for their premium plans. They also have a WordPress plugin which you can install to compress images from the dashboard.

ImageRecycle online image compressor

6. GifOfSpeed Png and Jpeg Compressor

GifOfSpeed is a collection of multiple tools to enhance the page speed. You can also test your site speed along with compressing images.

If we talk about images then you can compress both Png and Jpeg images from them. You can navigate to their Png compressor to compress Png images and JPEG Compressor to compressor Jpeg images.

You can compress multiple images at once without compromising the quality.

GifOfSpeed Png image compression tool


It is featured rich Online image compressor which can compress your Jpeg and Png images.

You can upload images directly by your device or import from Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. If you have multiple images to compress then simply upload a zip file of images.

The Kraken has also Premium plan for web developers. It allows to their access their API, cloud storage and WordPress and Magneto plugins.

If you compress a large number of images often, then you may go for their Pro plan. Their API comes handy if you want to start your own online image compression tool. Jpeg and Png online image compression tool

8. ShortPixel

ShortPixel is a premium image compression tool but it has a free plan also which allows compressing up to 100 images per month. It is included in this list because of its features.

ShortPixel is featured rich online image compressor which is useful for bloggers as well as web developers.

If you compress a large number of images on regular basis then you have to go for its premium plan. They have a WordPress plugin which can help to compress your blog images from the dashboard.

In our test, they compressed our image up to 69% without affecting the quality.

ShortPixel image compression tool

Bonus tip:

You can compress the image by one image compression tool and then upload it again to another. It will compress image more, without reducing the quality.

Using this trick I compressed my 549.45kb image to 99kb without reducing the quality. I compressed the image by Imagerecycle and again uploaded to TinyJpeg which compressed the image 27% more.

Wrapping Up things:

These image compression tools can reduce the size of your image without affecting the quality which we can observe.

That means if you will zoom the compressed image then you may spot the difference. But the difference is negligible as compared to reduced size.

Never increase the compression level to greater value because the image quality will be highly affected.

If you use some other image compression websites, let us know by comments.

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