6 Most Important Things to do After WordPress Installation

what to do after WordPress installation
Written by Digvijay Singh


Have you completed WordPress installation? Congratulation on being a part of WordPress community.

Now there are few more things to do after WordPress installation which you must have to follow.

By default, WordPress settings are not user-friendly. There are certain things you have to do which will make your blog look professional.

Changing the default WordPress setting in a smart way is going to help you in SEO and enhancing your site.

Here the list begins:

Title and Tagline

site title and tagline

The title is the name and brand of your blog which you must change after WordPress installation.

Select a perfect title for your blog which can help in SEO of your site. It is the name of your site which will appear on search engines, so be careful.

Next, comes the tagline, which describes your blog in ten words or more. Choose a Tagline in such a way that it makes sense and readers can understand about your blog.

To change the Site Title and Tagline of your site go to Setting > General setting.

Upload Favicon and site logo

site icon and header image

Branding is important if you want to be professional.

You should upload a site logo and favicon after WordPress installation. If you are good in designing then create yourself.

You can also hire a designer from Fiverr to create a logo for your blog, it will not cost you more than $15.


Permalinks are the permanent URL or address structure of any post or page.

They are essential for your blog SEO, and you must change them before writing any post. By default permalinks structure are plain, and they look like “http://example.com/?p=123″, which is not SEO friendly.

To change your blog’s permalink structure, go to Setting > Permalinks. Now choose either Day and Name permalinks which are recommended for news websites, but anyone can use them.

You can also choose the custom structure and put ” /%postname%/ ” without quotes. This is widely used permalink structure which is SEO friendly.

Note that both permalinks structure “Day and Name” and “Post name” are SEO friendly.

Create a homepage

This is optional but your blog’s homepage must unique and attractive. You have two options available for the front page, either display latest posts or create a static page. Firstly create a page named blog for your posts to be displayed.

Go to Setting > Reading > find Front page displays option > Choose a static page. Select your Home page as the front page and newly created Blog page and posts page.

Now you have to design your homepage. Look for some other sites on your blog niche to grab some ideas about website design, but be unique.

Install a good theme

You must change the default theme for WordPress. Choose any good looking theme from free WordPress theme directory or buy from a third-party store like ThemeForest.

If you want to create a professional blog then go for a premium theme, they have better customizations and are SEO friendly.

Install important plugins

Install Important Plugins

Here comes the most important thing which will increase the functionality of your blog. There are many plugins which you must install for the proper functioning of your blog.

Here is the listing of some most important plugins to install after WordPress installation.


Spam protection is necessary for any blog. This is the most popular plugin for spam protection, and the good thing is that it is free.

Yoast SEO

If you want to rank higher in search engines, then this plugin will help you. It is widely used SEO plugin which is used by millions of bloggers worldwide.

WP Super Cache

If you want to increase your site speed and reduce the load on the server, then you must use a cache plugin. There are many cache plugins which claim to be best but some of them may cause a problem, so it is recommended to test them with your theme before using on the live site.

Limit login attempts

Protect your admin area by using this plugin. Limit login attempts plugin locks down the login page after a certain number of failed login attempts. It will protect you from brute force attacks.


This is the list of the most important things, there are more to do apart from this.

The above things will help your blog to grow fast.. Several new bloggers do not consider these things and start writing posts.

Blog posts are necessary but readers are also important. You need to work on SEO and other things after launching your blog to get a proper place in the blogosphere.

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