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10 Reason Why You Should Avoid Free Webhosting

Avoid free webhosting
Written by Digvijay Singh

We all have heard about Free Webhosting providers, but we don’t know the secrets why they are free. Nothing is free in this online world, and everything has its price. They use the word free because they want to expand more. Free web hosting is their marketing strategy which they use to attract more and more customers. You should avoid free webhosting if you want a professional blog.

Here, in this article all my personal experience with free hosting. Trust me, you will waste your time and hard work if you are going to a free web host for blogging.

Before starting to the list I will recommend you to go for premium hosting if you plan for a long run. Free hosting providers have many problems which you will face with them.

Here is the list of things which you don’t know about free web hosting sites. They claim to be best but the truth is far away from that.

Major Reasons to Avoid Free WebHosting :


downtime on free web host

Downtime is a major problem with free hosting providers. Your site will remain down for several hours, and you can’t do anything for that. They will force you to upgrade for their premium services to reduce downtime, but it also doesn’t work. You will lose PageRank and users trust due to downtime. This is why it is recommended to avoid free Webhosting.

Slow site speed

slow site speed on free web host

Site speed is an important factor which decides search engine ranking and also affects users experience. Nobody likes slow speed in this fast world. About half of your traffic will never visit your site because of slow site speed. There are caching plugins which increase site speed, but they are useless in this case. The slow site speed is due to load on their servers and limited resources on free plans.

You can check your website speed at Pingdom


The most important thing to consider while starting a blog. If your site is not secure, you will lose your hard work. Free hosting providers do not provide enough security to their hosted websites. This is one of the main reasons why professions or serious bloggers should avoid free Webhosting.

Customer support limited

This is an important thing which free hosting providers don’t care. We require customer support to solve any technical issues which occurred on our site. But free hosting providers don’t care about them and provide negligible or limited customer support.

I faced issues in one of my testing sites with a free hosting provider and contacted them. They replied after one day with instructions that didn’t work. I contacted them again, and my problem was solved after three days. This is the reason why you should avoid free hosting providers.

Limited bandwidth

Another annoying issue is limited bandwidth. They offer limited bandwidth with free plans. That means if your website has crossed bandwidth limit then your site will be down until it automatically renews or you upgrade to their premium services.

Note that some free hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth for free plans, but they are only to attract customers. They will provide you bandwidth with limited or slow speed.

Forced Ads

Believe it or not but some free hosting providers force ads to your website for their earning or branding purpose. Some of them will show Ads on your homepage while others may only use error pages to show ads. Many hosting providers claim to be AdFree, but they might have custom error pages with their branding banners.

Technical issues

It is a fact that free web hosting has too many problems. You will face many technical issues if you are going with them. There are problems with many WordPress plugins on free web hosts. You may also face difficulties in updating WordPress and its plugins on the site hosted on a free web host. If you don’t want to face technical issues, avoid free Webhosting.

I have encountered problems with WordPress on free hosting sites that claim to be best.

No Data Backup

Data backup is important because they protect your hard work and are useful in many situations. There is no data backup option available on free web hosts. Some of them claim that they have data backup option available but there are many limitations and they may not work properly.

Limited Resources

Here comes the secret of free web hosts that most of them don’t tell you. They offer you limited resources on their free plan. Free Web hosts will provide you limited Ram, Bandwidth, Disk Space, Email accounts, MySQL and other things which are required for proper functioning of your website. They will force you to buy their premium services if you want to go beyond the limits.

Data Migration Problem

If you have hosted your new site on a free web host and your site traffic increases, You will need to migrate your site to a professional hosting provider. Here is the trouble, it is a tough task to migrate your data from your free Webhost to another hosting provider. Because of limited resourced it becomes hard to backup your data manually. You will face many problems during migration. This is why it is recommended to avoid free Webhosting for serious bloggers.


If you have read above things, then it’s obvious you are not going to host your professional website on free Webhosting sites. Free Webhosting is recommended for them who want to build a testing site for learning and exploring. They will help you to experience the world of blogging without spending money. You can learn and explore Risk-free.

However, if you are serious about blogging and want to build a professional blog, then you should avoid free Webhosting.

I will recommend you to go for premium hosting which will cost around $3 per month in starting.

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