What is a Blog and Why it is Popular

what is a blog

So you have come across the word Blog, and you want to know about it. In this article, we will discuss “What is a blog” in-depth.

Definition Of Blogs

There are many definitions of a blog which define it in different ways. The term blog is a short form of weblog which came existence around 1995.  A blog is a regularly updated online diary or journal where you can express your views and share your ideas with the whole world. A blog is a website which contains ideas, opinions, and knowledge shared by anyone. You can also have your website where you can share your thoughts and call it as a blog.

There are three terms which come to the word blog:

Blogger – The one who owns and write blogs.

Blogosphere – The online community of blogs.

Blogging – The work of writing blogs

History of Blogs

Blogs started around 1995, but at that time they were called as weblogs. In that time blogs were like a personal diary where users posted their views on daily basis.

Blogging Today

Blogging gain popularity as the use of Internet increased. As the number of Internet users increased, more and more engaged in sharing their ideas and knowledge with the rest of the world. As an estimate, there are more than 170 million blogs in the world which keep increasing each and every second.

Earnings from blogs

In the starting of the blogs, there was no or almost very little way to earn money from it. But today there are many ways to make money from your blogs. As the use of Internet increased, Internet marketing has also increased which is the main source of income for bloggers. Many pro bloggers depend totally on their blogs for income. A blogger can earn thousands of dollar from their blogs, but it takes time to build such blogs.


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